Review: Laura Cox – Head Above Water (2023)

Browsing through my promo albums I stumbled upon Laura Cox. The first photo I saw was Laura with a Les Paul, which caught my attention. I read through the press release and found out she’s primarily a blues and rock player – blues rock. I’ve been a fan of the blues rock scene since my younger days and it’s tough finding new artists in this genre. The genre of blues rock is headlined by such legends as Eric Gales, Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa. Every artist in the genre welcomes new artists with open arms – word of mouth is how fans of blues rock find out about new artists.

Cox first gained visibility from her blues and rock covers on YouTube, where she quickly accumulated over 500,000 subscribers and over 105 million views. She became the guitarist and singer with the most views in the French and International rock scene. With that said, let’s take a listen to Head Above Water by Laura Cox.

Several stand out songs from Head Above Water:

Head Above WaterYes! Finally, we see an album that has a killer title track. This song grabs you in the from the first few seconds that you listen to it.  Head Above Water reminds me of hearing Larkin Poe for the first time. Laura has a strong voice that blends well with her music. It’s a bit bluesy and rock, the perfect combination of both worlds.

One Big Mess – An absolute rocker from start to finish. This song sounds like it could be next big arena rock song.

Set Me Free – Are you a fan of slide guitar? Look no more, this track was made just for you!

Listeners will appreciate Laura’s English rock sound. It screams 1970 – full of big guitar sounds with a perfect well balanced mix. Hard to believe this is only her second album – Hopefully she won’t be stopping anytime soon.


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